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Anteris Consulting Group (ACG) and its core team have completed a broad array of Packaging Spend Optimization projects over the past 10 years.  Our specialized approach minimizes "time to benefits" without sacrificing the magnitude of those benefits.  In some cases, ACG can produce a supplier award in as fast as 30 days. Beyond our hallmark of delivering exceptional value to our clients, ACG's projects are governed by four key operating principles, including:

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Commitment

  • Collaboration


Case Study 1: Specialty Food Manufacturer

A mid-market PE firm acquired a leading US producer of specialty frozen confectionaries with significant packaging opportunities in the areas of price and performance.  ACG was engaged immediately post-acquisition and identified / captured 27.4% savings in 30 days.

Case Study 2: Global Packaging Manufacturer

A leading global packaging manufacturer, with $55M+ of corrugated spend across 90 locations, had supplier / SKU proliferation, and above-market pricing.  They engaged ACG's core team to address these issues. ACG delivered four types of benefits worth over 19% per year.

Case Example 3: Custom Blinds Manufacturer

ACG was brought in to identify improvement opportunities in the area of specilty corrugated sheets. The business had been with a long-time incumbent. ACG identified a significant market opportunity and executed a focused bid that resulted in an 18% total cost reduction.

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